About Us

I Vision Interio

Best Furniture Manufacturer Company

I Vision Interio with Modular furniture was founded 2010 with the sole objectve to serve modular furniture and high quality furniture in Bihar and Jharkhand. Our expertise lies in the use of engineered wood and Century MDF for our furniture product at IVision Interio. The product offered is carefully selected and manufactured. We have complete range of engineered wood with different and attractive designs for all your furniture needs. We are happy to have accomplished on objectives without compromising on our key principles and values. All thanks to valued clients who have had strong confidence in our sincerity and commitment to delivery the best. The furniture is crafted under the clause supervision of the factory owner in workshop. The hardware used in the products is branded and is of Supereme Quality. The innovative design unit is continuing to upgrade the models according to reviews from moment to moment obtained from clients. We hire the creative engineers. Designers and craft mans from across the nation offering perfect finishing for modular furniture. Not only that but we also address the problems of our clients by providing maximum transpaency in the manufacturing. You must Visit our Showroom and office once…

Our Mission

Our aims are to providing the best quality products at the reasonable price for full satisfaction to buyers.